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Passing Clouds

M Leith
1 January 2015 | M Leith

The Winemaker's Wife

Welcome readers, to what I hope will be a humorous and eye opening journey in to the wife of a winemaker. 

I have been a winemaker’s wife for 3 and half years, but have known my winemaker husband (WMH) for 7 years. In this time my wine experience has changed dramatically and I can truly tell you that there is more to wine than it being red or white.

But firstly, I am going to confess something….I never used to be that interested in wine, I used to be a house red or white girl! Yes, I used to bypass the wine list and just drink whatever.  Don’t get me wrong it wasn’t because I did not know about wine. I was brought up in a family that shared and celebrated with good wine. As children, my brother and I were constantly put in the car for family holiday trips to a wine region of Australia, where my parents would buy up big and stack the car with cases of wine from their favourite wineries.

Somewhere in my 20’s I was just in a non-caring role of what wine I drank, as long as it was cheap, alcoholic and easy to order I was happy. However, this all changed when meeting my WMH. No, we did not meet in France romantically under the vines, instead it was jugs of Sangria, bottles of Cerveza and the beautiful town of Seville in Spain where I fell in love with him. From there my education into wine began.

So is it that simple, that wine is red or white?

It is no mystery that when grapes are harvested that the skins are red or white, but it is the magic that happens during vintage time in the winery that constantly amazes me, and that my WMH can turn these humble berries into delicious elixir.

Yes, my WMH produces red and white wines and what we end up drinking on the wine release day is a celebration, of the blood sweat and tears that have made up that particular vintage. Winemaking definitely has its romantic connotations, I am sure some of our friends believe that the WMH and I sit and look out at the grapes each night and sit under them each afternoon, but as my WMH states, its farming with God! When I look out at the vineyard I see hard work, stress and constant care that is taken to grow and harvest these smallest of fruits.

So what happens now when I am ordering wine? Well, firstly I go straight for the wine list! Yes, I enjoy perusing the reds and whites to see if I know any of the wines or I have the chance to order something new.  I now know my favourite wine; Pinot Noir, so I always try a new winery of this varietal to see if it stands up to my favourite.

I drink wine now, with much more appreciation and care for the liquid that my glass holds, just because I know of the journey that it has gone through. So, dear reader, maybe the next time you order a glass of wine you too will think about the humble grape and the place it originated from and how it ended up in your glass?  If you have had to choose red or white….which would you choose?

Time Posted: 01/01/2015 at 1:52 PM