Easter Recipes

So, Easter is a big deal at the Leith household. Mainly because we have 3 small humans under the age of 9, who absolutely love chocolate, so the Easter bunny is a hit! We do an Easter tree, with cut out Easter egg shapes that the kids have coloured in over the years. We also do Easter nests that we make with lots of foliage found around the garden for the Easter Bunny to put the Easter egg treats in. This tradition may seem a bit pagan, but it connects our children with gathering foliage from the property to put something creative together and that gets them to appreciate something that they have made.

I enjoy the cooking side of Easter, I've dappled in hot cross buns - but we are so lucky in this town that we have a great local bakery TwoFold Bakehouse, who actually make the best Hot Cross Buns ever. So, i put my energy into the Easter Sunday roast - and i do believe it is all about the marinating. I always purchase a beautiful leg of lamb from our local butcher The Daylesford Meat Co. Luckily for me we have an amazing herb garden right outside our kitchen - our rosemary is very robust and i do like some oregano as well. All chopped up with onion, garlic and lemon rind - mix it with olive oil and red wine. Pour this all over the lamb, with salt and pepper and dig some little holes with the end of your knife into the meat and place some small sprigs of rosemary in them . Cover and refrigerate over night. Depending on the weight of your lamb, place in oven and slow cook it for at least 2 hours.

Roast potatoes and buttered green beans to serve - this is what will be on the Winemaker's Wife Easter dinner table.

Oh....i nearly forgot the wine! Well....as it is a special occasion, we need something that the Winemaker Husband has produced - so I would say the 2020 Bridgewater Shiraz, but if you are not a Shiraz fan, then definitely the 2018 Elevation Pinot Noir.

Buy them hereBridgewater ShirazorElevation Pinot Noir

Happy cooking and happy Eastering!!


The Winemaker's Wife