Regenerative Agriculture

Two years ago Passing Clouds planted over 700 native shrubs and grasses. They were carefully selected to be hosts for predatory insects. Ones that would prey on current and potential pests in our vineyard.

With the help of volunteers from the local land care group and anyone else we could find, they were planted in strategic areas adjacent to our vineyard. Progressive planting since then has brought the total to almost 1,000.

We have been monitoring what have now become their own ecosystems and have observed insects such as the Tachinid fly which targets snails who in he past have been a huge problem for us. There is now an abundance of native flying ant species as well as native bees. There is an observable, obvious increase in insect life in the vineyard and farm in general. The results have been quite remarkable for such a short space of time, not only that but they look beautiful as well.

Our Regenerative Agricultural journey is one of constant learning and we are happy to share this with anyone visiting the winery and vineyard.

Cameron and Marion Leith are proud custodians of there 'patch of dirt' in Musk, which they strive to look after for future generations to come. The Passing Clouds Estate Chardonnay and Pinot Noir are all from the vineyard which is run by these principles, they are available at theCellar Door 7 days a weekor via our onlineWine Shop.